With over 20 years experience in Alaska’s harsh conditions and remote locations Tope Transportation has you covered!

About Tope Transportation

Mark Tope, owner has been in the Equipment/Trucking industry since he was a young child he started out helping out at their family businesses Tope Equipment as well as Tope Mini Storage, (owned by Bob and Judy Tope) and realized he wanted to take his career down the heavy haul trucking path after Judy and Bob sold their family companies.

Tope Transportation has been in business since 1998 and has earned a reputation that is nothing short than of one of the best. Tope Transportation takes great pride in making sure all Equipment is safely delivered on time.



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Our Experience

We take our time to ensure there are are no mishaps and that means taking extra time to check the load frequently, we cover breakable items with proper material such as glass from rock damage, as well as make effort (especially on the Dalton, which we all know in the summer can be brutal and dirty) to ensure your Equipment arrives as untouched by the dirt and mud as can be, with that being said we take our time not only to care for our Equipment which we take great pride in keeping presentable and in good safe working condition, but to ensure the proper care is taken and the load is delivered safely and without damage

What are you transporting?

Tope Transportation specializes in heavy hauling, we have hauled cranes, aircraft, large vessels, numerous pieces of large equipment such as excavators, loaders, drills, etc…

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